VolcanoBox 2.7.6 Beta released

Chines brand Phone, Tab, also Samsung, Alcatel, Sony, Motorola, Huawei and many particular phone repair tool box lunched there Software module version 2.7.6. Which contained with SPD android flash, adjust to change imei on MTK Smart phones, and more.
What's New?
in VolcanoUtility_v2.7.6.rar
-Add new arithmetic for "Change MTK's IMEI" in "Android Tools"
-Adjust "Write Flash" for SPD Android Phone in "Android Tools"
-Adjust "Read Flash, Write Flash" for SPD 6610 Cpu Phones.
-Adjust "Read Flash, Write Flash" for SPD 6530 Cpu Phones.
File name: VolcanoUtility_v2.7.6.rar
Size: 236.22

UFSx+HWK Release 17/07/2014

UFSx +HWK box update released date 17/07/2014 by SarasSoft. This update is specially for Samsung module SAMs V build32 and LG_GSM V build 32.
What's New
inside Sams & LG_GSM module
SAMs V build32
More Products and Features added.
UFST only, see separate Document.

LG_GSM V build 32
1. Common: Added File Archive Path Selection.
2. Fixed some common bugs.
 Official update release and downloads here.