Samsung i9300 how to imei repair

Samsung Galaxy S3(i9300) imei repair done with asansam dongle lets follow under instructions.

Prepairing ...OK
Device Found!
Reading Phone Informations ...

Model : GT-I9300
Android Version : 4.1.1
PDA Version : I9300UBDLJ2
CS Version : I9300UWADLJ1
Phone Version : I9300UBDLI2
Searching For Phone Modem ...OK
Reading Phone Modem ...OK
Patching Modem ...OK
Also Saved in "C:\ASANSAM2\DATA\Loaders\Patches\I9300UBDLI2. bin"
Disabling Security ...Done!
Rebooting... OK!

Now Remove USB Cable then Insert Micro UART Cable to Phone to Continue..

Delay 40 Seconds...
Searching for phone on COM132 ... Phone Found
Reading Data from phone...
Model : GT-I9300
S/W Version : I9300UBDLJ2
Unique ID : CVTF1283F77D87F
Memory ID : -
IMEI : 35401705129818
MSL Addr : RV1C954FS3

Verifying MSL ... OK
Bypassing MSL ... OK
Writing IMEI ... OK
Reset Done!
Operation Completed
Operation Time: 00:01:19